What should I bring for wardrobe?

If you have an agent you definitely need to check with them. Many Agents like to go through wardrobe selection with their Talent.


Generally you may be shooting a variety of these looks:


Casual: Clean cut. Gap-like. Boy or girls next door.

              Jeans and t shirt or shirt. Simple solid colours. No patterns or logos.


Business: Think business professional. Suit and tie for men. Or at least a shirt and blazer

                   Business suit for women or blouse and skirt.


Film/Tv shot: Something darker, sweater, leather jacket, jean jacket.



Do I need hair and make up?

Men- basic grooming is included. So, no


Ladies- Check with your agent. Some like hair and make up.

              Some like you to be natural.


Kids- no make-up is necessary


Make up artists $125.00  for up to 3 looks  and will stay for the shoot.



How long will the shoot take?

For an update shoot you are looking at about 2 hours.


Full shoot 3-4 hours.

Kids shoot 1.5-2 hours.



How long should I expect before I get my images?

About 2-4 days.


So…. You shot 200 images and my agent chose 2 Can I have my money back for the other 198?

 You are hilarious!



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