Family shoot $175.00


Shoot time is approximately 2 hours.


Be warned: Small children are unpredictable, need lots of breaks and do not like to be bossed around. At least mine didn’t. So that’s how we roll. It’s probably not going to be calm and there will be lots of kid wrangling on your part but if we can keep them happy we will get lots of great shots.

All parents ask me if other kids are this crazy and the answer is … YES.


If you wake up and your kid is not feeling well or the other one gave the first a black eye. Don’t worry. You can reschedule for another day.

No extra charge.

If you get to the studio and it’s going to hell in a hand basket, don’t stress. Come back another day.

Doesn’t happen often but just in case you were worried.


Bring snacks, photogenic toys or anything you don’t mind having in your shot.


Bring a few changes of wardrobe.  Keep it simple, similar colour families  and not too many patterns or logos.


Stephanie Beeley is a

Toronto photographer

specializing in portraiture


9 Davies Ave. Suite 406,

Toronto Ontario

416 703 7619